Why do you love the way you love?

The shape of Four Letters (H, A, Y, and W) emulate four essential relational dynamics, explaining why someone reaches out, leans in, or leans away from their significant other. Once you know your letter and code that it carries, you’ll immediately start to love more authentically. You’ll effort less to connect better with your partner, and are more likely to get your needs met. When each of you love by your code, you’ll generate a sense of compatibility, and navigate conflict more effectively.

It’s time to learn your letter, and unlock limitless and abundant love.


The Letter Code Quiz

A Behavior-based questionnaire

Are you ready to learn your letter? Knowing your letter helps you understand yourself and your most critical relationships in your life. More than just a personality test, Dr Krystal White’s science-based quiz provides clarity and insight into who you are and how you - and your heart – function, in life and in love.

At the end of these eighteen thought provoking questions, you’ll receive your letter, representing your love code.


The Letter Guide

Do you know you letter and want to learn more about your love code? If you are an H, A, W or Y, the power of knowing and understanding your specific and unique code will change the way you love, communicate, and appreciate yourself and your partner. Sign up to receive a customized “Love List” specific to you and your code.



Are you fiercely independent and driven to achieve a significant life purpose? Do you feel proudest when you’re with an accomplished partner? You may be encoded with the motivations of a letter H.



Do you love taking care of the people you love and contributing to their happiness? Do you feel secure when your partner is also giving back? You may be encoded with the motivations of a letter A.



Are you a natural team player? Do you feel confident because you know your partner is your best friend and has your back? You may be encoded with the motivations of a letter Y.



Does your soul soar with ecstasy when you’re challenged to grow? Are you always reaching for the next level in your life and want your partner to ground you and help you evolve? You may be encoded with the motivations of a letter W.

Here’s a customized “Love List” specific to you.